About Solid Hope Tech

Solidhope Tech is an ICASA license Telecommunications Solution provider with a wide presence around South Africa and neighboring countries. Solidhope Tech has always been keen to develop and deliver excellent solutions, aiming to increase end-user revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for its customers. Solidhope Tech’s turnkey solutions deliver internet, VoIP, IT Support, Network cabling, data, printer solution, office automation, and diverse business application in various fields and industry sectors including large enterprises, small to medium businesses, education, healthcare, utilities, military and defence, oil and gas as well as government.

Why Choose Us ?

Our customer service is just as fast as our internet speed and there is nothing we cannot do for our clients as we use our own licensed wireless and fiber broadband network which we exclusively control. Do a speed test anytime to see that you are getting the speed that you are paying for all the time.

Service Delivery
Customer Support
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